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Where can I play the slope game?

It's time for you to see how bad your driving skills in a slope game can be. It's challenging, but doable if you calculate your distance correctly. You cannot trust the viewfinder as it will only show the last points of where you are standing. Look left and right before the next move and ask yourself if this looks good for now or not. If so, go ahead!

Slope game is a very addictive game which is full of obstacles, but beautiful scenery. This game has various kinds of levels, which are completed in different ways. An average person playing this game gets addicted to it quickly and within no time, finds their fingers moving on the screen without their knowledge.

The story is so simple: You roll the ball to get it through the levels and collect stars. But don't worry, if you can't be fast enough, there's a way to make it quicker. You can turbo or switch lanes to get through the levels quicker! But beware! Not everything is so easy once you start getting further from the top.

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