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What Makes Her Special

From a non-technical perspective, it’s a common notion - for lack of a better word, that being a technical support engineer entails being technically sound and having the required technical know-how to drive requests to resolution.
But she understands that an equally important part of the job is to be sensitive enough to resonate on the same frequency with a customer.
The emotional intelligence to ensure the customer understands she is on the same team as them, and cases where she cannot resolve the issue, guaranteed, customer’s satisfaction is always met with their support experience with her.

In addition, she’s been doing this before I joined the team, I can’t stress her importance and support to the team enough, and even though she’s no longer here, forgetting her won’t be so soon, she’s left quite the impression indeed she has.
She works with other SEs, but she doesn’t even need to. She’s been a blessing to the team with her well-rounded knowledge of the M365 space and attitude to progression.
Oh, and did I mention, she came from another LOB, and the aforementioned holds even firmer.

I consider myself fortunate having worked with her, a rare gem indeed, and we need more women in tech, possessing her attributes.

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