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Luis Castillo
Luis Castillo

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My First CodeLand 2021

I want to start saying this was an amazing experience as my first attending conference, I didn't know how motivation was in until I was in.

I'm a new developer with a lot of passion for programming and by join to this conference, I got more motivator to continue my software developer journey. Every seccion I learned new things and I appreciate this community for giving us this opportunity to be part of this conference.

One thing I did like a lot from this conference was that everybody is in the tech field even the person presenting all of the speaker, it was very organize.

I hope I can make some network with any of these people there seen to be very knowledgeable and willing to help a person like me that it starting the software developer.

I'm a new software developer finishing my last project in my Bootcamp Flatiron School and I hope anybody can connect with me and help so I can get my first job as software developer.

I will continue attending more conference like these it was really helpful for me, Thank to everyone that was in the CodeLand 2021.

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