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Discussion on: How to ask for a testimonial?

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Estee Tey

Hello Gift, testimonials as you mentioned, augments legitimacy to our competencies as a web developer, and more importantly for future clients, they can immediately identify if you have the necessary skills and mindsets that they want for their specific project(s).

An advice that I'll give is to take initiative - don't wait until the project ends to ask for a testimonial. At that point, most of the good stuff that you did have already happened, and by chance, they would remember how you made them feel, they may not remember the specifics and this will result in a vaguer & thus weaker testimonial. Of course this advice probably only applies for your future projects/ ongoing ones.

So my next advice for your projects that are already finished - request to do a cross testimonial (if possible). You have to give them some benefits for writing a proper testimonial for you. Express how did you feel working with that particular client on the same project, and whether you would recommend others to work with them. These will help you build relationships with your clients in the long-term as well.

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Gift_Tanakan Author

Oh wow! Thank you so much Estee Tey Siew Wen for your insights. This is very helpful for my current situation and onwards. The cross testimonial sounds like a proactive approach that benefits both parties, too. I haven't thought of that before.

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