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Just a newbie!

Hi! I am 24 year old nanny looking to switch careers in the tech field! I am from Venezuela, so would love to meet any fellows in this group too. Either way would love to find someone willing to be my accountability partner! Thank you for accepting me!

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sai shashi

Hi, lets collaborate. I'm in same path

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Qaisar Khan

Hey, I am a software engineer from Pakistan learning javascript as full-stack app development,
looking forward to learning the trends worldwide and want to adopt the problem-solving technique and approaches to be a mature,

we can work together on projects and ideas to learn in the best and fast way, also breaking down the problem and solving little chunks will make us strong at base problem solving,

coding is not so tough it takes 3 months to get understand all aspects boundaries and limitations of the language and its syntax too,
it is problem-solving that requires a whole bunch of experience and technique as well as approach to be able to solve the problem with the previous dictionary of methodologies you own in your hand.

what u say? shall we begin?

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Janet Webster

Welcome! I highly recommend just writing about what you are doing to learn tech. Let's follow each other and keep learning!