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My friends and I are looking to rent a minibus with a driver!

hello hello hello how are you? How are you doing? My friends are going to go on vacation to Munich the following week, we are very anxious, but we do not have a vehicle in the city to be able to move and we are 7 friends in total, so we have thought, what if instead of renting a car we rent a minibus ? What if instead of just renting a minibus we rent it with a driver? wouldn't that be great? Well, the decision has already been made, but we have no idea where to get it. Does anyone have any idea what company can provide us with this type of service?

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Hi, how are you? I think you need to contact one of those travel agencies in where you are going. They will arrange everything, because they know the terrain and all the weather conditions in the region. When I travel on Scottish Highlands and Islands Jeep tours, I also wanted to rent a bus, but they said it will not be that well maneuverable in the Highlands, so a smaller jeep would be better.

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Jack Nicolson

I didn't know how to get a rental service for a minibus with driver in the city of Munich either, luckily reading the same comments here I see that more than one person has given solutions, there is a person who recommended a fairly reliable company so I just watched, you should try that

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Juliet Robert

a company that gives you a minibus rental service and particularly with a driver, it is always very possible to find it in the center of the city of Munich or where all the tourists meet, almost always that type of services are usually found there, since precisely It is the strategic point that these companies use to always have customers

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Edmond232 • Edited

How can a simple traveler capture the maximum of German beauties and visit as many sights as possible. Minibus hire with driver Munich will help you with this - this is the best way to travel: fast, comfortable, independently and inexpensively. Year after year, Germany gathers tourists who want to get acquainted with this highly developed European state with rich architecture and magnificent nature.

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Piquetúa James

It's hard for me to think that a city as modern and up-to-date as Munich doesn't get some type of rental, be it a minibus or a vehicle or motorcycle or whatever, I'm sure there must be, I don't know if with a driver but at least being able to rent the minibus in Munich I am sure it must be possible

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July Plush

Hello, good luck but I see that not as well as you, what a joy that they go on vacation to the beautiful city of Munich, it is a very modern and tourist city so in the very center of Munich there must be companies dedicated to rent of minibus with driver, it is not a service that seems unusual to me in a big city like Munich__