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Discussion on: Lesson Learned: Massive Burnout In Learning Web Development

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Matt C • Edited on

I remind myself that Education is not a race to finish first.
It is only a race against myself to learn what I can do well.

For me, the paradox of Education is that you learn the extent of your knowledge.
Q. What am I good at doing?
Q. What areas do I need help in?

Education is not learning everything, that's impossible. Carpenters don't learn to build every imaginable home. They learn how to use their tools well. Carpenters do not build skyscrapers. They know what the limits of building with wood are.

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Ayu Adiati Author

Agree with you, Matt!
Especially in it's impossible to learn everything!

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Anita Beauchamp

Yes, knowing our limits is what ultimately allows us to be useful without grinding ourselves down. If we had to know everything, we could never rest and we'd always have to learn at a lightning-fast speed as technology changes quickly. If we know our tools and the limits of those tools, we can accept the work that we're capable of and let the rest pass us.

Excellent point Matt!