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Matt C • Edited on

Hey Adam,
Welcome aboard!

Congrats on your Baccalaureate degree. That means you are erudite. haha
I have taken a slew of short-courses online but I would get nutty if I got my entire BS that way. Kudos!

As for wanting to learn it all, I think that is common for anyone who is curious and (even a little) ambitious. I struggle with this all the time. For me, "It is a Marathon Not a Sprint" is my motto, when I remember it. haha

Another way I look at finding hobbies or career-paths (or what ever you call it) later in life is similar to hiking in the woods. You may come across a pond along your hike and take a swim. You don't regret the swim you took. You get back on a path and go, after all.

I think groups like this and , hashnode, FCC, blogs are the best way to stay up to date. These can be a great or terrible diversion, if you don't watch out.

Let me know if I can help in some way. ;)