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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] There's More to Open Source than Code

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Michael Tharrington

How has interacting with other open source contributors and maintainers helped you deal with impostor's syndrome?

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Ramón Huidobro Author

It has been a striking reminder of the fact that we are all human, we all have our own things going on, and that help in areas maintainers don't have the bandwidth to... well, maintain! is super appreciated.

At the same time, if somebody doesn't get back to me after I submit a PR, or writes to me with gratitude but can't merge it, I remember it's not personal, like Angie said in her talk!

Having been a contributor myself has also helped me with working with contributors to projects I'm maintaining. The most important part is to, above all, practice continued empathy. We all are starting out on codebases/projects on an ongoing basis, and this can be hard. If I can make this as easy as possible for folks and to show them that I am also wrangling my own impostor syndrome, then I absolutely will.

Thank you for this question, Michael!