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[Keynote] Ten Commandments of Navigating Code Reviews with Angie Jones

About This Keynote

Receiving feedback on your work, especially from various sources with different personalities, can be difficult to consume. In this keynote, Angie Jones provides ten guidelines that she personally follows to ensure smooth, drama-free code reviews. These guidelines are useful for developers, automation engineers, or anyone else who needs to navigate the code review process.

Talk Recording

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Please note that Angie will not be participating in a panel at CodeLand and thus will not be able to answer your questions live.

About Angie

Angie Jones is the Global V.P. of Developer Relations at Block, an IBM Master Inventor as well as an award-winning teacher and a supportive figure for early-career software developers.

This keynote will be presented as part of CodeLand 2022 on June 17. After the talk is streamed as part of the conference, it will be added to this post as a recorded video.

Top comments (29)

juadeb1 profile image

I like the fact that Angie Jones talks so calmly and slow. Makes getting what she's saying more effective for me at least.

hussain_codes profile image
Hussain Codes

These are some really great tips, especially helpful in hardening new devs from being discouraged by those early code-reviews that can feel so challenging. I really liked the point of giving the reviewer the benefit of the doubt and being the bigger person. It's a good rule to live by😉

anthony profile image

These are great tips! Going to send this video to my roommate, we were talking about how he could be less blunt with his code reviews of the junior developers on his team and this was spot on to our conversation.

fizzybuzzybeezy profile image

Angie, great talk! Your ideas of the separating oneself from the product when taking critiques, reminds me of a point I heard that, in school, artists have their project reviewed critically and engineers simply get graded on whether it accomplished the goal or not. What is your take on this? Do you have a background (or have examples of someone) in art or music or any other where your work was reviewed for qualitative value that prepared for code reviews? Can coding in public help hobbyist or students hone these skills? Thank you!

soccerzortz profile image
Lara Krefski

I love the advice she gave. It is very easy to get defensive in code reviews. Sometimes people need to realize they need to relax and be open-minded.

jell profile image
Emmanuella Sule

Wow this was a really amazing session with Angie Jones. I learnt a lot, Especially commandment number 6. I have always been afraid about reviewing other people code because I feel I'm not good enough to contribute, well I know it's more than that and there's so much to gain from reviewing others code

Please where can I get all "the 10 commandments of navigating code review " listed out? I want to keep it handy. Thanks

latindev profile image

Angie Jone's talk reinforced the importance of having the right mind set in code reviews. Even for beginner coders who might share their code snippets for help is a form of code review. I love her format and her examples.

dyarawilliams profile image
D'yara Williams

Great session, my favorite commandment was:

  • Thou shall consider all feedback.
  • Thou shall treat submitter how thou wants to be treated
  • Thou shall not be intimidated by the number of comments

Thank you, Angie

rafaelbpires profile image
Rafael B. Pires

Angie I loved your talk, really! I love people who has an ability to unravel complex things into little bits of understandable chunks.. it was so straight to the point, funny, and practical! Thank you so much

pablohe78730909 profile image
Pablo Hernandez

I love the examples of Respect, Learning to let Go... It is hard to give up the hammer of guilt is an aspect that I could relate to. I especially like that her own experience is down to home and so light. Excellent analogy on taking on the aggressor with love and no judgement.

gadodds profile image

I appreciate her real-life scenarios! Our egos are always involved and she is offering wisdom on how to best approach everyday scenarios that sometimes we think we are above. Very helpful!

ailanthus8 profile image
ailanthus • Edited

I love how Angie's talk is taking a really complex and important situation and breaking it down in a way that allows new devs to get ahead. I'm learning so much from her. I look forward to saving this information for later. Thank you, Angie!

aigarspl profile image
Aigars Pluģis

Thanks for a great talk, Angie.
Love the format of commandments! Will definitely take them in mind.

inlokesh profile image
Lokesh S

You already said what I was trying to say :)

anyanka profile image

Great talk! I love the idea of "You are not married to your code" and will keep it in mind.

nakedgrammer profile image
Sea Dub

Love the talk! Thanks Angie!