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CodeLand 2022 Sponsorship FAQ

With CodeLand 2022 coming up on June 16 & 17, our team is hard at work developing a world-class program of useful, inspiring, and inclusive talks, activities, and opportunities for connection.

Our virtual conference is designed for early-career software developers, code enthusiasts, and their champions. If your organization cares about these communities and are interested in positioning products and services in front on a global audience, read on this FAQ to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities!

"What is CodeLand 2022?"

CodeLand is an inspiring and welcoming conference for early-career coders and their champions. CodeLand has been taking place since 2017 and began as an in-person event in New York City, hosted by CodeNewbie. Since then, the event has grown into a global opportunity for connection and coding motivation and today is co-produced by CodeNewbie and DEV, two software communities built on Forem. Our 2022 event is entirely virtual.

"Who attends CodeLand?"

CodeLand is open to anyone who is interested in coding, learning to code, or supporting early-career software developers. We strive to make our event inclusive and welcoming to folks from all communities, backgrounds, ages, and abilities and are thrilled to welcome attendees from all over the world. A random sampling of our attendees from previous years might include someone who just started a coding bootcamp, an executive from a big name tech organization, and an engineering manager interested in supporting their direct report as best as possible.

"What sponsorship levels are there?"

We offer several different CodeLand 2022 sponsorship tiers to support a range of budgets and goals:

Our Patron level is our ultimate brand-awareness sponsorship, giving your company massive visibility within the DEV and CodeNewbie communities and across the CodeLand program.

The Thought-Leader level helps you elevates leaders within your organization and your brand voice and provides an opportunity to speaking directly to CodeLand attendees.

The Mentor Sponsorship level positions your organization as an informative resource for CodeLand attendees with real-estate on our social media channels, program, Dedicated Exhibitor Booth, and more.

Additionally, we offer the following a la carte sponsorship opportunities...

Community Sponsorship: supports charitable organizations or community groups that would not otherwise have the funding to purchase a digital booth at
Inclusion Sponsorship: helps fund conference accessibility needs.
Experience Sponsorship: funds our
efforts to create physical touchpoints for this year’s event, allowing us to offer swag codes, post-event survey raffles, and more.
Lightening Talk: allows you to join the CodeLand livestream with a dedicated 2-minute Lightning Talk.

"What is a 'Dedicated Exhibitor Booth' at CodeLand?"

CodeLand sponsors are given their own digital space to connect/converse with attendees, position their brand and offerings in their own voice, host giveaways, list job opportunities and more. The booth comes in the form of a highly visible post within our conference site that is linked to in our interactive program β€” directly underneath our livestream!

"What will my organization get out of sponsoring CodeLand?"

Many things! You can find the granular breakdown of each sponsorship tier's benefits in our CodeLand Sponsorship Prospectus (linked below) but the common denominator is the ability for your organization to achieve massive visibility and organic enthusiasm by connecting with the CodeLand audience, which is largely comprised of CodeNewbie and DEV community members. Our audience is passionate, curious, technical, and vocal!

"I'm interested in learning more about sponsoring CodeLand" / "I have a question about CodeLand sponsorship."

Great! Email us at and we'll get back to you ASAP.

"Do you have a CodeLand sponsorship brochure?"

We sure do. All you need to do is fill out this form and we'll send you a copy of our sponsorship prospectus via email right away.

We greatly appreciate your interest in supporting early-career software developers as a CodeLand sponsor and would love to hear from you! ❀️

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