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How was your start?

Hey, I'm jasmin and I just started last year in october with coding at udemy with angela yu. Besides some other tutorials and apps I try to learn as good as possible to get ready for a junior developer job position of end 2022.

At this moment (like in many other moments) I get again kinda overwhelmed besides my full-time job with all the knowlendge that I get from the course. I know that is nothing new and everyone is struggling with that like not only beginners and that's why I found my way here.

Looking through the internet to finally find some group or mentor to study together, talk about tech, ask each other some questions, explain what the other doesn't know yet, able to grow together... and many things more.

I'm interested how you guys handled overwhelmed situations or in general how it was in the beginning from the carrier?

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I'm a beginning and began in late 2021, but felt really overwhelmed. However in 2022, I have been really motivated to keep growing my coding knowledge as I also would like to prepare myself for a junior developer role as well.

My primary challenge was discipline/commitment. What I aim to do is to sit down and code/study for at least 15 minutes a day for 6/7 days a week. Honestly, I end up actually coding the night away and never really talk myself out of it.

Making myself do the minimum on my schedule has actually helped me move further into my coding journey.

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Andrew Baisden

I studied computer science in University thats how I got into the industry.