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How to build a BMI Calculator in Python

Hola folks! Today we will build a simple BMI Calculator in Python.

How does it work?

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A BMI Calculator will take in the height and weight of the individual and will calculate the BMI of the person.

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight.

Based on the BMI of the individual, it will print a statement stating the overall health of the person.

Let's start coding our project!

Let's Code

Alright, so the first thing we need to do is to ask the user their height & weight. This can be easily achieved through input() function.

height = float(input("Enter your height in cm: "))
weight = float(input("Enter your weight in kg: "))
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We will convert the input string to float so that we can perform calculations with it.

Next up, we have to calculate the BMI.

The formula to calculate BMI is $weight (kg)/{height (m)}^2$. Let's implement this formula in python.

BMI = weight / (height/100)**2
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Here we will be dividing the height by 100 to convert the centimetres into meters.

Now let's print out the BMI.

print(f"You BMI is {BMI}")
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Now we have to print a statement to state the current health of the user based on their BMI.

Here is how BMI is classified:*S2aR2zRzjiV2IVK6DUMNhw.jpeg

We are going to simplify it a bit, so make it easier to understand but feel free to stick to this classification if you prefer.

We will be using if conditionals for classification.

if BMI <= 18.4:
    print("You are underweight.")
elif BMI <= 24.9:
    print("You are healthy.")
elif BMI <= 29.9:
    print("You are over weight.")
elif BMI <= 34.9:
    print("You are severely over weight.")
elif BMI <= 39.9:
    print("You are obese.")
    print("You are severely obese.")
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Here's what it will print:

  • if BMI is less than or equal to 18.4 then You are underweight. will be printed.
  • if BMI is less than or equal to 24.9 then You are healthy. will be printed.
  • if BMI is less than or equal to 29.9 then You are over weight. will be printed.
  • if BMI is less than or equal to 34.9 then You are severely over weight. will be printed.
  • if BMI is less than or equal to 39.9 then You are obese. will be printed.
  • if BMI none of the above are true then You are severely obese. will be printed.

That's it! We are done! Easy Peasy right!

Source Code

You can find the complete source code of this project here -



Thank you so much for reading! I hope you found this beginner project useful.

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Exciting tutorial! Looking forward to learning how to build a BMI Calculator in Python. Can't wait to dive into the details of VAT Inclusive how it works. Thanks for sharing this beginner-friendly guide.

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Certainly! Here are the steps to build a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator in Python:

Understand the BMI Formula: Know that BMI is calculated using the formula: BMI = weight (kg) / (height (m) * height (m)). The weight is in kilograms, and the height is in meters.

Create a Python Script: Open your code editor or IDE to create a Python script.

Get User Input: Use input() to get the user's weight and height as input. Convert these values to floats for calculations.

Calculate BMI: Use the BMI formula to calculate the BMI based on the user's weight and height.

Display the Result: Print the calculated BMI to the user.

Interpret the BMI: Optionally, you can add logic to interpret the BMI result into categories like underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese.

Run the Script: Execute the script, enter your weight and height, and see your BMI.

These steps will help you create a simple BMI calculator in Python, allowing users to input their weight and height and receive their BMI calculation. download dude theft wars mod apk all characters unlocked

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Here's an example of how you can build a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator in Python:

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def calculate_bmi(weight, height):
Calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI) given weight in kilograms and height in meters.
bmi = weight / (height ** 2)
return bmi

def interpret_bmi(bmi):
Interpret the BMI value and provide a corresponding category through free shark card codes.
if bmi < 18.5:
category = "Underweight"
elif bmi < 25:
category = "Normal weight"
elif bmi < 30:
category = "Overweight"
category = "Obese"
return category

Get user input for weight and height

weight = float(input("Enter weight in kilograms: "))
height = float(input("Enter height in meters: "))

Calculate BMI

bmi = calculate_bmi(weight, height)

Interpret BMI

category = interpret_bmi(bmi)

Print the result

print("BMI:", bmi)
print("Category:", category)
In this code, we define two functions: calculate_bmi to calculate the BMI based on weight and height inputs, and interpret_bmi to interpret the BMI value and assign it to a category.

The program then prompts the user to enter their weight in kilograms and height in meters. The float() function is used to convert the input to floating-point numbers.

Next, the calculate_bmi function is called with the weight and height values, and the result is stored in the bmi variable.

The interpret_bmi function is then called with the calculated BMI value, and the category is assigned to the category variable.

Finally, the program prints the BMI value and category.

You can run this code in a Python environment, and it will calculate and display

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