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I have always heard the word coding, and saw the following: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript word a few times, but I never knew what they meant or stood for. I saw codes around the internet, but had no clue what it was and honestly, they looked crazy to me. I never would’ve thought that in 2022 I would be able to understand and read code languages. But more so be able to code and create pages.

I am extremely grateful to be a part of the G(Code) House. The program has provided and exposed me to so much information and knowledge about coding. I am learning something new every day and applying what I learn from each class, through completing assignments and homework. So far, I’ve learned the purpose and functions of the three-coding languages. For example, HTML adds content and structure to the webpage. CSS styles the contents, and the properties of CSS are font, color, background, width, and height. JavaScript controls the behavior of the contents on the webpage.

In the previous class of G(Code), I learned about CSS id. The id allows you to select a specific thing in the HTML that you can style in CSS, and other things on the webpage won’t be affected. Each id name must be specific and unique, so the system knows exactly where to apply the changes to.

I am enjoying learning coding so much. It’s one of the coolest things to learn and I think everyone should at least learn the basics of it and have it as a skill. After I successfully complete the G(Code) House Program, I am going to continue to learn and practice on my own, even though I am not pursuing it as a career. I still want to increase my knowledge in coding, and I find it a little therapeutic. I also want to learn the basics of UX/UI Design because I love creating. I think it would be fun to have basic knowledge of Programming Language and UX/UI Design as a skill. I might need them some day for my future businesses or something.

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charles madhuku

keep the fire burning coding is so much fun