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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Code More" Mission 1 Submission Thread

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Matt Jordan
  1. I want to code more because:

    • I want to build useful web apps that make peoples lives better.
    • I would love to be cracking coding puzzles daily for work
    • I am interested in a career path with the opportunity of a WFH position.
  2. I know I’ll have reached my “code more” goal when:

    • I can build a full stack web app (probably MERN stack) I am proud of AND
    • publish it to my personal portfolio website.
  3. My top three assumptions for reaching my goal are:

    • Balancing my many hobbies, work, house remodel projects, and family life
    • Not overwhelming myself with information and causing a mental block
    • Giving myself the grace to skip a day when something else is more important than coding, and then being disciplined about effectively using the days that I actually have time.
  4. Of these assumptions, my riskiest is balancing the many aspects of my life to make time for coding.

  5. When I think about my riskiest assumption, three possible root causes are:

    • Over researching things that don’t matter
    • Not getting enough sleep to be efficient in my daily routine
    • Trying to do too much of the remodel project on my own.
  6. 3 ways I might address these root causes are:

    • Only research important tools. The minimum of what I need to get the job done. If I find a tool that works just use it. Don’t research every tool possible and then pick the “best one”.
    • Set a hard bedtime and stick to it. Give myself grace to leave things undone. Prepare for the next day first thing when I get home from work.
    • Get help. Schedule time to work on a remodel project and then do it when I have help. Don’t be a hero.
  7. Of these, the biggest cause that’s worth tackling first is getting enough sleep. Get into a habit of a 9:30PM-5:00AM sleep routine and don’t break it.