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Jamison Ducey

Santa's workshop makes all kinds of toys, and the elves are always trying to make the toys even better. They keep an eye on the problems the toys might cause, too, and if a toy is too dangerous or easily broken, they fix it.

But how do they fix all the toys if Santa's already given them out to children? Well, with Santa's magic, they can make all the changes to a certain type of toy at once, no matter where it is.

Santa makes video games now, too, and he uses a thing called DevOps to help him oversee how those games are made. Just like with the toys, the workshop makes the games, tests them, makes sure they're safe to play with, wraps them up, and sends them out over the internet to the children. If the need comes up, the workshop can send out a quick fix to everyone.

Before he knew about DevOps, Santa struggled a lot with making and deploying video games, but he knew that children would enjoy them and learn from them just as they did with his other toys.

So he went on the internet and learned about things that seemed like complete magic to him before: He learned about the cloud, software development, IT operations, and he figured out how to use the internet to do the same thing that his magic does for all of his other toys.