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Discussion on: How did you realize you wanted to learn to code?

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Matt Eves

I always thought coding was impossible and something I couldn't possibly do. Then, whilst having a chat with someone in the office about someone I knew who had switched careers but how I didn't think I could learn to code, they said "well I reckon you could do that". So I read up on it and had a a go at starting to learn, and really enjoyed it. Funny in hindsight how much that little voice can be a barrier to trying something new. I'm a "late mid-30's" (😅) learner so I do sometimes feel like an outlier, and learning with a young family has been slow and steady, but I learnt early on not to compare my rate of progress to others which was a good lesson to learn.

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Trust me, you are not the only one "late mid-30's" who found out that coding is something they wanna do. And I'm not only talking about myself. Haha ;-)