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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 "Start Coding" Cohort 1] What are your coding goals?

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Tity Junior Martin Tshabalala

Week_1 Mission

  1. My goal is to be able to create websites, teach others how to code and be able to land a coding job. 2.In 6 months, I would like to have grasp a firm understanding of what I am doing and be able to code and in 12 months I hope to be job ready, to take the knowledge/skills that I gain from the CodeNewbie course and Dev community and participate in forums to assist others, who too look to start their coding journey. 3.Successful learning to me means, one is able to understand what is being taught/learnt, is able to apply what has been learnt and is also able to clearly explain what they have learnt. All three are need to be achieved for it to be considered successful learning.
  2. Measuring that success, through application(trial and error), trying to explain to others and testing one's knowledge, getting friends/family/community to test one, to see if they have a grasp of what they have learnt fully.
  3. Yes, to complete the CodeNewbie course, I have given myself 12 months, though if I am able to achieve completion before that time period of 12 (say 6/8/9 etc.) that would be great as well, the goal remains the same to have successfully learnt how to code.