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Discussion on: Hi! We’re Microsoft Azure and we’re proud Patron Sponsors of CodeLand 2022

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Microsoft Developer Team

@nitya can you please share about your journey? @Itz I'm a Developer marketer that started out as a Microsoft vendor about 8 years ago. I was in Marketing Ops but knew developer was a key motion that was hard to understand for none technical side. I decided to work on Cloud Skills Challenge internally at Microsoft and that is where I got exposure 2 years ago to this team. I made connections and ultimately looped for a different role but they needed me to take over all 3rd party developer events in the US and did, and have been doing it every since learning from all the communities. This is one of the best I have come across.. I also do events like JavaOne, PyCon, KubeCon, Kafka Summit, DevNexus, PyCascades, etc.

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Nitya Narasimhan Author

Done! Also check out this (old) series of essays I wrote about my journey in tech