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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 "Start Coding" Cohort 1] What are your coding goals?

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Natalie Davison

1. What are my coding goals?
My ultimate goal is to create a career which I enjoy, rather than just working a mundane job to get by. In 6 months time, I want to be comfortable using Front End technologies and to have started working on my portfolio website, with a handful of my own projects to showcase. In 12 months time, I want to be actively starting to look for jobs in the field and be regularly contributing to open source projects.

2. What does successful learning look like to me?
Successful learning to me is building knowledge and gradually feeling less overwhelmed, retaining knowledge to progress and build more complex projects, and becoming knowledgeable enough to help others in the community.

3. How do I plan to measure my success?
I will measure my success based on how comfortable I'm feeling with each topic/concept, being able to build more complex projects with ease, and feeling confident enough to help others.

4. Do I have any particular timeline/deadline for learning to code?
I'm not tying myself to a deadline as such, the time span I gave for my goals above is just a rough bench marker.