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What exactly is DevOps?

What do companies such as Amazon, Target, Esty, Netflix, Google and Walmart all have in the same? Apart from the fact they're all incredibly successful companies and all employ the method of DevOps in their day-to daily processes to boost efficiency and speed of delivery. This DevOps guide, we'll attempt to define DevOps as well as how this can prove beneficial for your company.

What's DevOps and why is it So Popular?

What is DevOps? Let's consider a brief illustration. Let's assume that there's a small company that creates robotic cleaners that are AI-powered. Three developers (let's be lazy and refer to them as the team D) who create and implement the software for the robots. There are two people in operations (Team O of course) who oversee the robot's infrastructure in the real environment and offer support to the robots' users. To enhance your knowledge on DevOps consider taking DevOps Certification.

Team D has been working for eight months developing the most recent robot. It recognizes people, receive orders from Alexa devices, and of course keep its appearance impeccable. Team D has been hard at work on the robot in their own controlled development environment and it appears to be functioning perfectly. They could not be happier.

They give their invention their creation to Team O which promptly takes it into the real world. This is when the issues begin. It is discovered that the perfect cleaning robot isn't ideal in the end. It can't be trusted by everyone Its ability to understand Alexa commands fails when they're provided by various people, and it's not able to reach or vacuum difficult shelves.

Team O is angered and frustrated. They've had their eyes on this machine for a long time and are shocked to discover it's a total catastrophe. Team D however, on contrary is now in defensive mode. They claim that everything was in order under controlled conditions of testing and that the current mess could be due to Team O's inept execution.

In the end, we have an unsatisfactory product on the market. It appears that improvements and corrections are now taking almost the same amount of time as the rollout was, and two highly skilled teams are now hating one another and their jobs.

This, in essence is the reason DevOps was invented and the reason over 70% of the SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) were implementing DevOps Services in their businesses in the year 2016. Many heartache and frustrations would have gone away if Team D and Team O were able to work together through the process of design and execution, until delivery and after support. Instead, they functioned in silos , with an imaginary wall that separated them.

Team O had no involvement with the process of code being developed and the robot was being constructed. Team D was completely out of the equation when the robot was released in the real world and cleaned various homes. It was the result that we got a robotic that was not yet ready to go on the market, and a team of developers which isn't entirely sure what to do about it.

As you could imagine, lots of time will pass before the robot becomes commercially ready. There will be a lot of iterations before Team D make some adjustments and Team O takes the robot out to the market. This isn't just for the course of development the same problem is likely to continue as the robot requires maintenance and updates. This means that even small startups end with slow and inefficient performance and there's a high chance that it'll lose out to companies that bring superior products to market quicker.

This was a problem businesses began to see more and more when technology advanced. The inability to keep the company's operational as well as development teams separate from each other led to delays in delivery and lower efficiency of services and products. Additionally, many processes within the business processes that could have been easily automated to improve efficiency were not because the developers were ignorant of these processes.

The concept of DevOps became popular and started to be widely adopted. DevOps is nothing more than a set of principles practices, methods, and tools that allow an organization to create better products more quickly by facilitating the integration of development and operations aspects. This allows businesses like those in our case to meet the needs of their clients and customers more efficiently and to gain an advantage over their competitors.

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