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Trakstar 536 Tractor Price in India 2023 - TractorGyan

Trakstar 536 tractors cost between 4.80 and 5.65 Lacs* in India. The tractor's pricing is more closely related to its incredible features and specs. The tractor continues to be in high demand due to this.Β In the 36 HP engine category, the Trakstar 536 tractor is the priciest and most well-known model. Its three cylinder, 2235 CC, 2100 RPM ERPM engine features three cylinders. The tractor's extra-mild performance and effective field mileage keep it in demand among farmers, which contributes to its high price. The tractor's selection, preference, and quality are given careful consideration, and it is true to state that Trakstar tractors have earned a reputation for themselves thanks to their laudable features and innovative capabilities.
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