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Discussion on: Hi! We’re Microsoft Azure and we’re proud Patron Sponsors of CodeLand 2022

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Nitya Narasimhan Author

Hiya @nodeicode Woot!! Love TypeScript!!

Re: Serverless and Edge. YES. YES WE DO.
And coincidentally there will be a ton of content and resources around edge AI and developing for edge devices during July (you might want to follow the account) - and we are running a similar series in September that focuses on Serverless

Here are a couple of links to help for now:
Serverless on Azure:
Azure IoT Edge:

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Lohit Aryan

Thank you!!
The serverless on azure definitely stands out! hope you guys market the hell outta this!

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Nitya Narasimhan Author

Keep an eye on this series - there may be something interesting to add to that in September :-)