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Discussion on: Hi! We’re Microsoft Azure and we’re proud Patron Sponsors of CodeLand 2022

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Nitya Narasimhan Author

Hi @itzdjin - catching up this morning on all comments and sorry for the delay responding.

I have been in research, engineering, startups and advocacy. And I have to say that my favorite part of the CS journey has been in understanding HOW THINGS WORK under the hood. Sometimes that means research where you dive into papers and books and try to learn concepts from experts - and sometimes that means development where you learn by just trying things out, breaking them, trying to fix them, and then making that connection in your head on why things work again.

But the reason I got into advocacy was that the absolute favorite part of my journey has been in SHARING what I learn and hopefully inspiring others to follow the same path. With every passing day we have better tools and AI to automate the mundane parts of computer science, so we can focus on building new and interesting things. Community energizes me most - learning from others and sharing my own experiences in turn.