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How do I change the URL without reloading the page?

What up y'all! I've been working on creating a portfolio site from scratch and got stuck on this annoying little problem.

Can anyone shed some light on how to change a URL without reloading the page?

Thanks all!

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Larry Martin

Utilizing the History API in JavaScript allows you to modify the URL without triggering a page reload. It is a powerful method for creating smooth transitions and updating the URL according to different site states or user actions.
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Tyler V. (he/him)

I think the answer might be different depending on what you mean here.

Are you redirecting the user, but want a transition between pages?

Are you trying to update the url as the user scrolls past a certain point on the page?

It could also be helpful to mention what you're working with - React, Vanilla JS, Vue, etc... since depending on the framework/libraries in use there may be different answers :)

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Der @KleineMaulwurf

The HTML5 history API can do that.

history.pushState(null, null, 'subpage');

More details here: