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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Get a Job" Pre-Mission Submission Thread

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Ola Ishola • Edited on
  1. Current skill
    My current tech stack is HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, React, MongoDB, Nodejs, Express, EJS, APIs, and Python. Just learning backend so I don’t have any project ready but currently working on a simple note-taking app with server-side rendering using ejs with authentication using JSON web token.

  2. Coding Project

    • A movie nomination App using OMDB API
    • TodoList App
    • Recipe Generator using themealDB API
    • Random Quote Generator
    • The landing page of a Loan company with a loan eligibility checker
    • A catering service website
  3. Knowledge gaps
    Things I need to work on, Node authentication, MVC, Redux, a solid grasp on React context API, React styling, working with Figma, PostgreSQL, search engines, Testing such as jest, mocha, enzyme, etc. Understanding system design.

  4. Ideal job titles
    My Ideal job title based on my current level as a rookie:

    • Junior Developer
    • React Developer
    • Frontend Developer
    • Junior Software Developer