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Recommended: W3 Schools Certifications

I currently work in a Senior Support role for a enterprise software company. I have been learning on the side as I aim to move into development. I started with SoloLearn, which is a free service with some great lessons and coding exercises. I got a lot out of each course. The downside is that SoloLearn isn't popular and anyone can just go through the questions without learning anything and still get a certification.

While working on some projects I noticed W3 Schools had certification options. I bought the "Web App Developer" course which consists of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, and PHP. W3 Schools is reputable, the courses cost money, and the certification exams are timed with limits to how many times you can attempt to pass before you fail the exam. This adds a certain level of credibility.

Most of all, the courses are very detailed and reasonably structured. I'm pretty good with CSS, but I'm learning a lot through the W3 Schools course. When I'm finished I'll be able to say that I am certified in 5 languages and that I'm a certified Web App Developer under W3 Schools.

I just wanted to throw this out there as finding and participating in the courses has really helped me gain some encouragement and confidence in my career path.

For me personally, I'm glad I did the SoloLearn stuff first.

If anyone is on SoloLearn and you want to add me, here's my profile:

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Wow! I had no clue that W3Schools had paid content. I'm currently trying to put together a professional development package to add some more coding to my current job and I think that may be very helpful. Thank you 🙂

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Larry Martin

Transitioning from support to development via SoloLearn and W3 Schools certifications shows dedication. Mastering these languages will unlock new opportunities in web development.
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