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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Code More" Mission 1 Submission Thread

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I want to code more because:
I am on a career change and just finishing a front-end Bootcamp. Nowadays the pace seems so slow. I want coding to be my new habit. I want this to be my career until my old day. By code more I want to build more and help more, and I believe coding really pays well so I can be living comfortably in the future.

I know I’ll have reached my “code more” goal when:
I am having a real job or I can earn money from my coding skill.

My top three assumptions for reaching my goal are:
Coding early in the morning
At least spend 3 hours coding a day
Be a part of CNC2021. It helps me to feel that this can be done together.

Of these assumptions, my riskiest is
Writing code comfortably in the morning

When I think about my riskiest assumption, three possible root causes are:
Staying up late so I am not waking up early
Procrastinate and letting my “entertainment” first before tackling code in the morning
Comparing my current milestone to someone else’s and getting lost in thinking that I cannot do (anxiety) or that this current path I’m on is not worth the effort (discouragement).

3 ways I might address these root causes are:
Not making a coffee after 6 PM
Put away the phone and think that coding is fun as it’s a part of the entertainment
This is a long path and the current solution is contributing to CNC2021 so I can work this together with all these amazing people

Of these, the biggest cause that’s worth tackling first is procrastination in the morning.