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Pablo Hernandez
Pablo Hernandez

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Neuvo to the communidad...

There are so many topics that are being presented, so so excited. I am a ToT NewB to the arena, the community had been so helpful the Podcasts, free code lessons, my Udemy instructors and the platform is just awesome and so many resources. I am self-didactic approach to my journey for now, I presume that the aspects of Mindfullness,Meditation,Mental Health,Covid all have their place in stress however,'Support is Numero Uno.'
So,so happy to part of this GR8 adventure, I am looking foward to the conference.

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Thomas Bnt

Very happy that even you like it! πŸŽ‰πŸŒˆ
What are your favorite topics?

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Pablo Hernandez Author

Funny you say that, I actually was a Electronics/Computer major in college B4 I got into being a Surgical Technician. Its' the Nerd in me...