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7 Reporting Tools to Extend Your App with Reporting Functions 📊

Good news first 🌞. If you are searching for a ready-to-use tool that adds reporting functions to your app, you have a sufficient choice. So you don't have to laboriously program and maintain everything yourself. Unless you want it that way.

The complicated part is: which one to choose? I will come to this later.

Let's start with an overview of some products.

7 Reporting Tools on the Market - a Selection

The most comprehensive and established tools on the list 📃 are

  • DevExpress Universal
  • Fast Reports
  • combit List & Label
  • GrapeCity ActiveReports
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • Telerik Reporting
  • Stimulsoft Ultimate

Like the heading already says, it's a selection. You can find more
in this wikipedia list,

The following is a list of notable report generator software. Reporting software is used to generate human-readable reports from various data sources.

at the VS Marketplace or in some other sources I mention below.

Which One Should You Choose? 🔮

To answer this question as directly as possible (and also because I often wished to read this in other articles I read): I've got no idea! 😮 I know this statement sucks because you read guidelines and overview articles to get a clear recommendation. Sorry for that.

All I can say is that

  • know your requirements as exactly as possible
  • compare your requirements with some products and their specifications
  • get a free trial of the reporting tool to test the crucial points

Especially the second point might be helpful for you. Don't check out every available tool. It's a waste of time. And don't make the price a deciding factor (is $137 a year worth not taking the most appropriate solution - I don't think so).

Make a rough pre-selection based on important criteria and really only check two to three tools in detail. These criteria don't have to be technical either. They could also be the following. Is there good documentation and do you get along with it? Is there human support and do they respond? Or whatever is important for you.

For a detailed technical comparison you can have a look at the descriptions behind the Link to Visual Studio Marketplace above, this reporting tools comparison (by a vendor), componentsource or software platforms like capterra to compare features.

Ready to start? Then go for your best solution! 🥇

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