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Coding Newbie Reflection

I recently started learning about HTML,CSS and JavaScript while having no prior knowledge of it. Learning Web Development in more development has been very different from what I did before. While learning how to use HTML and just by itself was eye opening on what you all could to with it alone. From HTML being able to have it’s own style within it even though it’s very limited but when you start to learn CSS that’s when the horizon starts widening up a little bit as you go on this Web Development Journey. When you begin to learn CSS you start to have a lot more control on how to style your web page or whatever you’re working on at that time. Your page becomes to start to come to life and the things you have thought of in your mind. With that I learned about CSS ID which helped so much when wanted to have a select only a few of < p > or < span > you can use and ID and say < p id= β€œpara1" > and then go into you css file and put # para1 {text-align: center;} or what you wanted it to do. I feel like in a way it’s like an art form in a sense when working with it.

With that being said, I hope to get more comfortable with coding and being to be able to catch on more quickly with css and get better on knowing how to maneuver in it and begin to use my artistic side to bring out more of the style out in CSS and begin to learn JavaScript and start applying it to side projects that I would like to start to see what more I can explore on my own. So I hope to excel in this and grow to enjoy and find my pace in it.

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Kingsley Odibendi


Rooting for you!πŸ‘πŸΎ

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Lauren Fosgett

Great start! I struggle with CSS still myself, but it is so important to get a good foundation of. You got this! You'll be making beautiful sites in no time!

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Love this explanation of CSS bringing your page "to life"! Great job.

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thats amazing hope you time learning html,css,javascript, I have been doing backend for a long time but also want to some front-end but i struggle with css(i can't center a div)