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My first hackathon - MLH LHD- Build 2021

What is MLH LHD Build?πŸ€”

Well it is Major League Hacking - Local Hack Day Build.
Major League Hacking is the Organization and Local Hack Day - Build is the name of the hackathon event.

About the event✨

It started on 10th Jan 2021 and will end on 18th Jan 2021.
This is my first ever hackathon. I was nervous for this event due to imposter syndrome, but its going pretty well.

There were daily challenges and weeklong challenges.
They are beginner friendly and there are many workshops to enhance our skills and knowledge.


I personally developed some amazing apps in Flutter like sending sms using twilio, chess app, tic tac toe, translator, speech recognition app, working with data sets and many more.

This event has made my profile strong and I'm very confident about attending more hackathons in future.

The workshops conducted at MLH are best, the instructors/ coaches are incredible. The coaches Jackyln, Ryan + Totally Not Ryan πŸ˜‰, Mary, Mara, Chris, Will, Shasrika , Kunal, Aditya to name a few, I'm really thankful to them.πŸ€—

I repeat they are the best!

I finally created my portfolio using Github pages, thanks to the coaches.πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³

Do you know the best part of these challenges?

Learning never felt so good

Apart from challenges we had many games to play, draw Ellie elephant, Bob Ross and Bhlahaj, cupstaking and many more.

I just loved it.❀

Though there were points for completing each challenge, I personally focused on learning the concepts and trying it out.

I'm sure that I'm going to participate in all the future events by MLH. Well, MLH Share is on the way - in April. I would recommend the developers at every level to give it a try. You would definitely love it, thank me later!

Did I shared about prizes?

We will get swags and stickers from MLH. Can't wait to get mine.πŸ˜„

Author: Priyadarshini Chettiar

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