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Discussion on: CodeLand 2021 Hallway — Day One

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Doreen Joy Barber (she/her)

Aside from wanting to change careers? XD

I grew up with computers--I used to play Q-bert on a Commodore 64! Although I never really viewed myself as someone who would be in programming, I've always had an interest in building websites and making things work, having made websites and blogs with Wordpress back in the '00s and early '10s.

I took an Intro to Python course with Code First Girls over the summer and really enjoyed it, so I'm pursuing that further with the Nanodegree, with some SuperHi courses I bought last year still chillin' in the background. :)

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Andy Rohde (he/him)

Having guided courses definitely helps. I have a huge backlog of courses on Udemy that I keep meaning to get to. I keep meaning to make time for them, but I never do.