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Discussion on: May 6th, 2021: What did you learn this week?

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Robert Lin • Edited on

This week I met a new study buddy (Hi @anitabe404 ! 👋) and together we've formed a study group and are powering through 30-days (or 100-days!) of code! We are three consecutive days in! 🥳

The study group itself is nothing fancy-- just a simple GitHub project board with seven columns, one for each day). But having this central location to post my daily progress, screenshots, questions/concerns, and knowing that everyone can see what I'm doing makes me feel accountable. Coding/learning can be a solitary/lonely endeavor. But this day and age in 2021, it doesn't have to be! 😀 So a thousand thanks to Anita for joining-- hopefully in the future, we can get even more people onboard. It'll be a celebration of collaboration and learning together!! 🎉

Three days in... 97 more days to go! 🚀

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Nick Taylor Author

Lego astronaut saying tawesome!