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In One Minute : Kafka

Kafka is a distributed event store and stream-processing platform. It is an open-source system developed by the Apache Software Foundation written in Java and Scala.

Kafka was originally developed at LinkedIn, and was subsequently open sourced in early 2011.

Apache Kafka is based on the commit log, and it allows users to subscribe to it and publish data to any number of systems or real-time applications.

Kafka stores key-value messages that come from arbitrarily many processes called producers. The data can be partitioned into different "partitions" within different "topics". Within a partition, messages are strictly ordered by their offsets, and indexed and stored together with a timestamp.

There are five major APIs in Kafka,
Producer,Consumer,Connector,Streams & Admin.

Monitoring E2E performance requires tracking metrics from brokers, consumer, and producers, in addition to monitoring ZooKeeper, which Kafka uses for coordination among consumers

Official Website :-

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