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Wormhole for ssh keys and other files

Have you ever had to go through the laborious work of connecting to a remote host, opening up an editor, copying a public key and pasting that in an open vim session editing ~/.ssh/known-hosts?

Or maybe you need to transfer
a backup of a postgresql database you backed up remotely? (because the transfer of a gzipped sql from a remote pgdump is way faster than opening up an ssh tunneling and backing up locally at times)

Well, you now have magic-wormhole to the rescue. Install it into a venv from pypi using pip install magic-wormhole and send those files and keys like you have never done before. snap install works as well, but it will not work well with ssh keys because of obvious snap security issues.

I'll not rewrite the manual since it's perfectly written, so check it out and worker smarter instead of harder. Learn how this tool will save you time and effort

Hope it helps!

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