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A Brief History of the Internet and HTTP Protocol

Javascript wins out in my opinion, find out how below

Now and again we need reminders about our rich beginnings

Origins of request and response objects - Major Milestones

1965 Donald Davies developed the concept of packet switching,the%20NPL%20Data%20Communications%20Network.
1969 ARPANET the first public packet-switched computer network
1970s NCP preceded TCP - network control protocol used in arpanet
1975 Bill Gates starts Microsoft
1979 Compuserve dial up service launched - original online portal for the general public with news, weather, chats and email
1983 TCP/IP replaced NCP
1991 world wide web coined
1993 first version of HTML
1993 Mosaic - first web browser, then became netscape
1995 java released - also rise of javascript for netscape2, (the first ECMA standard)
1995 MySQL first appeared - open source vs proprietary Oracle db
1996 first mobile phone with internet connectivity - The Nokia 9000 Communicator
1998 java servlet api - also jsp - doGet doPost became servlet service method
This is why java was so prominent at the time - popularized server side computing
JSP was for the frontend
1998 soap api
2000 rest api - rise of the http network -> crud awareness - get, post, put re roy fielding
2006 jquery ajax - refreshed only part of page - div structure -turned networking upside down
Probably the most important milestone
<div id=”result”> only the content in this div refreshes/reloads <div>
2015 fetch api - genericized the ajax process - plain javascript now mainstream (ECMAScript 6)
2021 why is jquery still dominant - 58% of websites still use it
2023 everything can be done in plain javascript these days, react just complicates matters by adding extra overhead, node.js does the same whereas plain javascript simplifies both, also no need for java or servers anymore, just do it all on the front end which now executes the http request
2023 age of serverless computing, cdn and edge network


1995 was a pivotal year - when both frontend and backend collided
But looks like frontend prevailed and won by 2023

Thoughts on Ditching JQuery in favor of Plain Vanilla Javascript
1 it requires a slow loading external library = unnecessary overhead
2 it has security issues
3 why use a whole library when u are only using a couple of its components
Also ditch Node, no need for all those dependencies when ECMA has solved them all
4 Fetch API replaced jquery ajax back in 2015

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