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Five Best UiPath Online Courses And Training

Robotic Process Automation is bringing a much needed change in how businesses ride through the wave brought about by AI-powered applications. There are a plethora of tools that have stemmed to benefit from this change, and one name that is charging through with full force today is UiPath.
This blog is dedicated to gaining information about the five best UiPath online course and training resources you must consider in 2024. But first - what is UiPath?

What is UiPath?

UiPath is a leading robotic process automation (RPA) tool that facilitates large scale, end-to-end automation. It provides various solutions to businesses to enable them to automate everyday office activities, leading to accelerated business change. Multiple methods are inculcated to switch to automated processes.

Five best UiPath Online Courses for 2024

To fully understand UiPath, you must get into its details. The best way to make it happen is to learn from the best. Here is a list of the five best UiPath online courses for 2024.

1. UiPath Online Training by igmGuru

igmGuru has become a leading name for every technical learning. When it comes to UiPath training, it is no different. The UiPath course by igmGuru is one of the finest ways to get started in your journey to become an RPA professional. This one course is enough to help you learn everything about the field, from the basics to the advanced concepts and automation strategies.
This UiPath certification program will make you efficient enough to ace the certification exam, as you learn via a curriculum created and regularly monitored by industry professionals.

2. UiPath Academy

UiPath Academy is a great place to begin learning about this tool, especially as it offers plenty of free courses. They go from basic concepts to advanced techniques, but of course, only to a certain extent.
Their vast range of courses are fit for those who are just starting out, as well as those who are already working professionals with knowledge of robotic process automation. Since they also provide certification, you will benefit by gaining that too.

3. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is not just a single course, but rather refers to everything you can learn on this platform. Various trainers and professionals have crafted different learning programs for aspirants having all ranges of knowledge and skills.
You choose to go with ‘Learning UiPath’, which is suited for beginners, or you can pick ‘Advanced UiPath: Orchestrator’, better fit for learned professionals. These courses offer great flexibility, making it a good pick for almost everyone.

4. UiPath RPA Developer Specialization by Coursera

It is again a well-known training platform and offers UiPath RPA Developer Specialization course. It consists of various courses and helps you in getting familiar with the fundamentals of RPA, advanced UiPath technologies, and workflow automation.
This program also gives you the chance to work on live projects, so that you gain hands-on working experience. A complete UiPath tutorial is provided to help you better establish yourself as an expert.

5. RPA Developer with UiPath by edX

edX is again a popular platform wherein people of all experience levels and skill sets can go to learn more about UiPath. There are multiple courses that this platform offers and one of them is RPA Developer with UiPath.
It is a great way to gain deeper insights about all key robotic process automation concepts, by working on practical projects.

Job Opportunities after UiPath Course

Once you are done with your UiPath course, you can easily pick a job title of your choice. Here are a few of most often picked job opportunities -
RPA UiPath Lead
Automation Developer/ Engineer
RPA UiPath Solutions Architect
RPA Process Analyst
Sr. RPA UiPath Developer
RPA UiPath Developer


When it comes to summing up, all we can say is that the world or RPA, and consequently UiPath, is constantly evolving. Hence, even after you choose and complete either of these UiPath Online Courses, you will still be in a continuously learning phase. Be prepared to keep evolving yourself, and expanding your knowledge graph once you choose to set your feet in the world of robotic process automation.

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