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Discussion on: Is jQuery still relevant?

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This question, I think, depends a lot on 1.) How familiar with JS / HTML you are, and 2.) how you define relevant.

jQuery, despite losing a market share to newer libraries like React/Vue/Angular, is still larger and more widespread than all 3 combined. So in that sense it's still very relevant.

If you're just starting out with JavaScript, and especially if you're teaching yourself, I do recommend starting out with jQuery as it's documentation is some of the best in any library, which helps it be very easy to learn for someone teaching themselves, and having done that myself, I started with jQuery before going on and adopting React as my main library.

That said, after you're comfortable with JS and consider yourself intermediate slowing encroaching on advanced, I think learning one of the other libraries is a great idea because they're very powerful in what they can do compared to jQuery.

Good luck with your journey in self-taught coding!