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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Start Coding" Mission 4 Submission Thread

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Sabine Emden (she/her)

Favorite Apps and an Unexpected Energy Constraint

My coding sessions last week went well. I'm giving them an eight out of ten, only because I repeated a section of the course I had done before and didn't challenge myself more, and because I didn't use my learning tracker.

My favorite part of my setup are PomoDone, the app I use for time tracking, and its integration with Todoist, the app I use as my task manager. I created a Start Coding project in Todoist and entered the sections of the course I'm doing as tasks for the project. I can sync the to-do list for the project with PomoDone and start a Pomodoro timer for any task on the list. I can even switch tasks if I finished the task before the timer ends. PomoDone generates a time log that lists how much time I spent on which task.

If you looked at my time log for last week, you would see that I coded for a total of three hours over three days at the beginning of the week, then stopped. By Thursday I was so exhausted that my performance at my day job started to suffer. After having looked at constraints of money, time, discipline, and motivation during Mission 3, I ran into an energy constraint. The reason was more a lapse in self-care than lack of proper time management. I made a few adjustments and will try again this week.

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Vera Pashnina

Hey Sabine!

Of course it depends on job and lifestyle whether it high paced or much slower.
I use Tweek because I don't like strict timing which makes me feel under extra pressure and stress. For me it is okay just to set up reminders for the most important tasks and appointments and recurring something I have to keep in mind weekly.

Some tasks take not that exact period of time I was expected so I don't like the feeling when I fail to meet deadlines. When I can mix my tasks and do one instead of another and use my time more productive so why not?