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#CNC2021 "Start Coding" Mission 4 Submission Thread

After completing all the steps in your Mission 4 email, give your coding session a score from 1-10 (10 being the best) and share in the thread below.Β Let us know what’s been working for you and what you’ve been having a hard time with. Find someone else’s post and leave a helpful or encouraging comment.

Congrats on challenging yourself to Start Coding! If you have any questions about the challenge overall, head to the Start Coding Help Thread. For any technical questions throughout the challenge (or in general!) write a #help post and share with the community!

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anushkacodergirl profile image
Anushka Raj

My coding session went well. I will give my coding session a score of 7 out of 10.
I found a learning resource on the youtube Traversy Media channel that I enjoy.
I have been having a hard time with internet speed due to rain.
I have a plan for next week which I need to do for productivity.

sbstn profile image

Yeah, Traversy Media is a really good Ressource i also used it a lot :)

sjunaidhashmi profile image
Junaid Hashmi

In my coding session last week, I finished basic JavaScript form freeCodeCamp. That was really fun. I also made a completely responsive website with HTML and CSS. I am coding atleast around 2 hours a day.
freeCodeCamp has an integrated environment for for learning and for the projects I am using VS code which I am really loving.
I recently started using Trello which is amazing for creating versatile to-do lists. While learning I am also taking lots of notes; both hand-written and digital. For digital notes I am using Notion.
I usually code at night but from next week I plan to wake up early. Hope it make me more productive

sbstn profile image

Hey, looks like we have the same learning vibe :D I Also want to try to start my coding challanges in the Morning, i also use notes handwritten and digital. I finished the CSS Chapter in Free Code Camp today and i like also Visual Code :D

paulwebdev profile image
Paul D

I will give my session a score of 6 out of 10. I tend to focus better in a library / library-like setting.
My day job is very physically demanding, and a major constraint I have is not having the energy to study after work.

10101010xd profile image

My coding sessions go very well. I code at least 1 hour everyday, combining android apps and netacad. The enviroment where I work its not total confortable but it doesnt matters. Maybe, in the future i get a better place to work. In the next week i want to increase the time that i spend in coding. Also i want to reorganize my enviroment to work better

sabineemden profile image
Sabine Emden (she/her)

Favorite Apps and an Unexpected Energy Constraint

My coding sessions last week went well. I'm giving them an eight out of ten, only because I repeated a section of the course I had done before and didn't challenge myself more, and because I didn't use my learning tracker.

My favorite part of my setup are PomoDone, the app I use for time tracking, and its integration with Todoist, the app I use as my task manager. I created a Start Coding project in Todoist and entered the sections of the course I'm doing as tasks for the project. I can sync the to-do list for the project with PomoDone and start a Pomodoro timer for any task on the list. I can even switch tasks if I finished the task before the timer ends. PomoDone generates a time log that lists how much time I spent on which task.

If you looked at my time log for last week, you would see that I coded for a total of three hours over three days at the beginning of the week, then stopped. By Thursday I was so exhausted that my performance at my day job started to suffer. After having looked at constraints of money, time, discipline, and motivation during Mission 3, I ran into an energy constraint. The reason was more a lapse in self-care than lack of proper time management. I made a few adjustments and will try again this week.

verassca profile image
Vera Pashnina

Hey Sabine!

Of course it depends on job and lifestyle whether it high paced or much slower.
I use Tweek because I don't like strict timing which makes me feel under extra pressure and stress. For me it is okay just to set up reminders for the most important tasks and appointments and recurring something I have to keep in mind weekly.

Some tasks take not that exact period of time I was expected so I don't like the feeling when I fail to meet deadlines. When I can mix my tasks and do one instead of another and use my time more productive so why not?

aivanvarma profile image
Eero Saarinen

I would give my coding sessions a score of 10/10. I haven't had any problems on concentrating to the actual coding, but I do admit that sometimes I do more research on the topic than is necessary for whatever I'm doing at that moment.

sbstn profile image

Hey Guys,
i give my Coding Seesion a score of 8 out 10.
I just finsihed the CSS Basic Chapter, but i still now CSS Stuff before so in the Javascript Chapter it get a lot harder for me. I deducted 2 points, because i need to learn more english vocabulary to understand more.

induja profile image

I'd rate my session a 7 out of 10. I liked the fact that organising myself through this challenge motivates me to work. I did not have much trouble besides the fact that I occassionally worried if I had any other important commitment that I'd forgotten before getting into the session. I think a little planning before the session would help.

gingercatjayne profile image

Way behind this week, but getting back on track now. In the past, I have enjoyed coding on my own first as it helps to consolidate my learning. Then I go onto the forums and if I can help someone I will. I tend to find that I have to go over things many times before I move on - this frustrates me as I can spend far too long on something and waste time. I think it has to do more with my OCD then anything else!

noviicee profile image

In my coding session last week, I finished basic Bootstrap form Udemy. I thought it was very interesting. I tried to make awesome login pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and Bootstrap. Coding these around 1 hour per day on VS Code Editor.

I am thinking about giving more time to my coding sessions now so for the mean time I'll be giving a 7/10 :) πŸ’š

iggyiccy profile image

6/10 I had spent sometime to redesign my personal website. However, I didn't code it from scratch. It is more of working on top of a template... I am not sure does it count as my own work...

koshirok096 profile image

My score is 7 out of 10. Progress is a little bit slower than I expected when I started, but I’m doing well and still having motivation to keep :)

shak23 profile image

Fell of the bandwagon, but getting back on this weekend.