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Starting Over :)

I've always thought growing up that life will never be as interesting as what I found in movies and books growing up. As a kid I was NEVER and I mean NEVER excited to grow up! I mean why would I want to? Life's great! I would go to school, see my friends, get my stuff done for the day, and then hang out! It was good- life was good. I knew that once I got older I would be forced to join the work force and sell my life away (jokes). That's why when I went to college for Criminal Justice and Chemistry I thought this is was I'm supposed to do. But why didn't it feel right? I struggled in college but was able to graduate within three years! I felt so proud of myself but I still felt empty. What was I missing and why couldn't this job field satisfy me?

That was when I found coding. I had started easy by taking a couple free courses on youtube and dipping my toes in some Coursera courses. But I still felt like I was missing something.. a community. Someone to learn with and to explain what I'm struggling on without feeling alone. That was when I found GCode and I knew I had found a family.. a coding family. I have never felt more of a relief in the past few years then I do now! I've started learning more CSS, which I was struggling to learn on my own, and so many more things. I'm also working towards my goals and trying to figure out not what I'm SUPPOSED to do but what makes me happy. I'm nervous for the future and for starting over again but it's my life, so I need to start making decisions for me not for what everyone wants for me. So cheers! to a new start and my journey.

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Lauren Fosgett

Cheers to the start of your journey!

Having a community is so so important to stay motivated and connected to what you're doing. It's so good to hear you've found GCode and now the CodeNewbie community!

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I am SO happy you are a part of the G{Code} family! So excited to follow your journey!