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Sam Legge
Sam Legge

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How it's going so far

It's been 3 weeks since I last posted so I am due for an update. Progress was slow and intermittent to start with but things are beginning to build some momentum.

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I am currently working my way through Colt Steele's Modern Python 3 Bootcamp and Angela Yu's 100 Days of Python on Udemy. My goals were to do some coding every day but it has taken some trial and error to get settled into a consistent flow. I also have a few Python books to supplement my learning or to use as a reference. These are also easier to pick up and put down if I am potentially going to be interrupted.

I work three 12-hour night shifts each week and these are the hardest days to do any coding. My goal for those days is an hour while my days off, I hope to get no less than 4 hours in. There are 3 days of the week that my kids stay with me. There are some weeks when the schools are closed due to COVID and they stay home with me. When that happens, I've found that if I get everything else done (cleaning, laundry, next day prep, etc.), I can usually get a few decent hours of studying in after they go to bed (depending on how fatigued I am). If they go to school, as will be the case this week, I have a solid block of time during the day that I can be very productive.

I've also spent some time this past week getting my workspaces setup to my liking. This week, I scored an LG Ultrawide monitor that is awesome for workflow. I was previously using my iPad as a second monitor to watch the Udemy videos. Now I have have my browser, Sublime, terminal, and Notion open, in view, and with room to spare. Here's a list of what I current am playing with:

Apple shiz:
2015 Macbook Pro with 2.8 GHz i7, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB Storage
iPad Air 3
iPhone 12 Pro Max
Airpods Pro

LG 34uc98 Ultrawide
LG UltraFine 4K Display

Logitech MX Keys
Keychron K2
Keychron K6

MX Master 2 and 3

Autonomous Ergo Chair

Desk Decorations:
NECA Godzilla
Gundam RX-78
Death Trooper from Rogue One
Various Funko pops

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Larry Martin

Sounds like you are hitting your stride after a slow start. Keep pushing forward. the momentum you are building will lead to even greater progress ahead. Looking forward to hearing more about your continued success.
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Damion Towne

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Juan F Gonzalez

Keep going man! Once you start building the habit of coding it's much easier to keep doing it than not doing it.
Plus, you already have your workspace set up which is a great advantage.