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Discussion on: #CNC2022 Cohort 1 Welcome Thread

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Hi everyone,
I'm Sania and I signed up for the "Code more" challenge. I've been dabbling in code but never practiced consistently and didn't get to a level where I can actually build stuff. So this year I want to make coding a habit and build web apps and dashboards with Python (I would also love to learn JavaScript and later C# so I can build games in Unity, but since I tend to get carried away with trying to do too many things at once, I'm forcing myself to just focus on one language at a time!).

On a side note, I work in a fintech startup (in a non-tech role) and am also a career coach. So if you'd like any help with applying for jobs or just have some questions about working in startups, I'd be happy to have a chat!

You can hit me up on Twitter @sakuda2046 or LinkedIn (

Happy coding!