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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Write More" Mission 1 Submission Thread

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Chris Williams is typing...

My top three ideas from my list of ten:

  1. Moving from InteliJ webstorm to VSCode

    • It's something that I should learn to do :D
    • If I do it myself, it'll take me a week to get used to the change, and I can document it on the way
    • This sounds like it's low effort, but a quick consise guide is something I needed...
  2. Moderating images in a Activity Feed

    • This is a feature Stream doesn't offer out of the box on their Activity feed product, but does on their Chat product. A way for staff to have images moderated automatically and manually is something that is needed by lods of users of Stream.
    • It's really cool to use AWS Rekognition to do this :D
    • It does lead to a series of things about Stream, and about integrating it with AWS Rekognition
  3. Gitlab Serverless Framework deployment on AWS and Google Cloud

    • The packages on Gitlab for Serverless Framework are out of date, and just don't work. Having a tutorial on how to do this in Gitalb using their CI tooling is needed.
    • Using both AWS and GCloud makes it super accessable to everyone
    • Can go into the technicals of of permissions needed, and how to store them correctly

Sneeky fourth option: Using Semantic Release to manages package versioning and releases on Gitlab.