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"A reflection on my #CNC2022 Start Coding journey"

Name: Shweta Jagdhane

Title: Student

#CNC2022 Cohort: {start coding}


Hey, I am shweta. I'm a IT engineering student. I always used to read posts of students about how they consistently code or make something new. And that used to intrigue me and also upset me. Upset me because I was never consistant about my learning. This was the reason why i joined this cohort. This forced me to stay focused and somehow it worked.

Mission 1

Mission 1 was about figuring out where to start from. What are you interested in doing, what you could do, what you really want to be.

Mission 1 was really importatnt for me because there are so many stacks and programming languages and career option and I wanted to learn almost everything from it. It helped me in figuring out what to focus on.

Mission 2

Mission 2 of #CNC2022 was about researching the framworks and resources needed for it.

My experience was pretty good. I had figured out what I wanted to learn. And the discussion forums helped a lot.

Mission 3

Mission 3 of #CNC2022 was learn-to-code curriculum

I always liked keeping a planner but I never kept with it. But making this curriculum was exciting. I felt burn out but I still was consistant.

Missions 4 & 5

Completing first coding session and documenting it.

It was great. I documented my session progress, notes in a notebook.

Mission 5, pt. I experience was eye opening. I started to feel burn out and college lectures and projects were not helping much.

Final Reflections on #CNC2022's "Start Coding" Challenge

Overall I felt really good completing this challenge. I learned to follow the planned schedule. Practiced how to avoid burnout, make proper timetable for sessions, take notes and document your progress.

What's Next

I plan on continuing this habit of coding.

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rodofjesse profile image

When you start you will finish... Procrastination is the enemy... Glory days ahead

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Thomas Bnt

Good ! 🚀🎉🎉🎉

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Great work!

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Xavier Jouvenot

🎉 🎉 🥳 Congrats @shweta6 on completing this challenge !! 🥳 🎉 🎉