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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 "Start Coding" Cohort 1] What language/framework have you decided to learn?

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  1. Which platform/field would you like to work in?
    I want to work in enterprise development.

  2. What do you want to build first?
    I want to build a web app.

3 . My priority with learning to code is..
My priority is to get better at coding. Build projects.

  1. Do you know CSS and/or HTML?
    Yes, I knoe html, css, flexbox and gridbox

  2. Do you like to be more self-sufficient when learning things or completing projects? Or do you like to work in groups?
    I personally love to work alone as I have been working alone for so long. But I definitely would to work in a group.

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Anthony Grimes

Enterprise development sounds interesting and I think "web apps" is a great area of focus, since they can be consumed in multiple mediums (desktop, mobile, etc.).
Wishing you the best on your adventures; you got this!