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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Start Coding" Mission 4 Submission Thread

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Junaid Hashmi

In my coding session last week, I finished basic JavaScript form freeCodeCamp. That was really fun. I also made a completely responsive website with HTML and CSS. I am coding atleast around 2 hours a day.
freeCodeCamp has an integrated environment for for learning and for the projects I am using VS code which I am really loving.
I recently started using Trello which is amazing for creating versatile to-do lists. While learning I am also taking lots of notes; both hand-written and digital. For digital notes I am using Notion.
I usually code at night but from next week I plan to wake up early. Hope it make me more productive

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Hey, looks like we have the same learning vibe :D I Also want to try to start my coding challanges in the Morning, i also use notes handwritten and digital. I finished the CSS Chapter in Free Code Camp today and i like also Visual Code :D