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Top 21 Magento 2 Security Extensions to Keep Your Website Safe

Security online is vital these days, especially for eCommerce sites. Magento 2 is a top open-source eCommerce platform with many add-ons to boost shop security.

There are many extensions that can help to keep your online store safe and secure. This post reviews the top 21 security extensions for Magento 2.

Why are Magento 2 security extensions important?
eCommerce is often a target for cyberattacks. Research by Security Boulevard shows that it’s the most targeted industry, receiving 32% of all attacks. As a large open-source platform, Magento is often a target.

Although the Magento 2 platform has built-in security measures, it’s not perfect. Online shops like Magento hold lots of sensitive customer data, so unauthorized access can lead to serious data breaches. One well-known case from 2015 involved a breach of 200,000 Magento sites. The hackers used malware to steal customers’ credit card information.

Extensions can increase Magento store security. They add extra tracking and prevention features. These extensions offer tools for all kinds of security measures. These include:

  • Identifying and blocking suspicious IP addresses
  • Protecting against brute force attacks
  • Two-factor authentication
  • A rollback function for unwanted changes

Let’s take a look at the best Adobe Commerce Magento 2 extensions that cover all kinds of security use cases.

1. Mageplaza Security

Price: Free


  • Auto blacklisting of suspicious IP addresses
  • Security checklist
  • Login log tracking
  • Instant security risk notifications

Mageplaza is cheap and easy to use, perfect for small businesses. It’s popular, with over 20,000 downloads and a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 from over 1,500 reviews. It’s simple to start up and manage, and it provides basic security features for free. It can automatically find and block suspicious IP addresses.

2. Amasty Security Suite

Price: $199 for Community Edition, $499 for Enterprise Edition


  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Security activity audits
  • User action logs
  • Automatic threat detection and blocking

More than 10,000 users trust the Amasty Security Suite. It keeps track of what users do and checks for any strange actions. It even has a smart system that automatically finds and stops threats.

3. Landofcoder Magento 2 Security Extension

Price: $99


  • Protection from brute force attacks
  • IP blacklisting
  • Admin action tracking
  • Database backup and recovery

If you’re new to Magento store security extensions, Landofcoder is a great beginner’s choice. This tool works hard to prevent problems before they happen. It watches for anything strange and acts fast. Its special feature of saving and bringing back your database keeps shop owners ready, even for the biggest issues.

4. Astra Security Suite

Price: Starts at $19 per month


  • Real-time threat intelligence
  • Malware removal
  • On-demand security audits
  • Comprehensive security dashboard
  • Web application firewall (WAF)

Astra’s strength lies in its real-time threat intelligence and the inclusion of a WAF, providing an extra layer of security. You can monitor your website’s real-time threat intelligence via Astra’s dashboard.

5. BSS Commerce Admin Action Log

Price: $79 for Community Edition, $179 for Enterprise Edition


  • Tracking of all backend activities
  • Rollback function for unwanted changes

Admin Action Log keeps track of all activities at the back of the store. It checks what changes are happening and who’s making them. It also has a rollback function to undo unwanted changes made during setup. By logging all admin actions, it gives a clear view of what’s happening in the store’s backend. This can help find any internal security problems.

6. Two-Factor Authentication by Xtento

Price: $99


  • Provides two-factor authentication
  • Supports multiple authentication methods
  • Compatible with all kinds of smartphones

If you want the best security for Magento 2 pages, two-factor authentication should be your first priority. If hackers can easily get into users’ accounts, you’ll be risking your customer’s sensitive data — the worst kind of security crisis.

This extension adds an extra layer of security by implementing two-factor authentication for backend access. It supports multiple methods of authentication and is compatible with all kinds of smartphones, offering a more flexible approach to security.

7. MageFence by Extendware

Price: $149


  • Live security feed for real-time threat detection
  • File change detection
  • Security scan and reporting

This Magento security extension provides a special live security feed for finding threats immediately. It also alerts you if files on your site get changed. This helps you find security issues before they cause big problems.

8. Spam and Bot Blocker by Amasty

Price: $189


  • Blocks spam bots
  • Hides prices from bots
  • Customizable security settings

This extension is designed to keep your Magento site safe from spam bots. It hides prices from bots, preventing them from scraping and using your pricing data. You can also customize your security settings according to your business needs.

9. Bot Blocker by FMEextensions

Price: $89.99


  • Blocks IP, user agents or specific countries
  • Manages blacklisted and whitelisted IPs
  • Tracks all bot activities

BotBlocker is a great tool to stop bot attacks and handle threats. It’s very good at noticing strange user behavior — it instantly marks and blocks actions that look like they’re from bots. Plus, you can watch the activity in real time to make sure your traffic is okay.

10. Magento Google reCAPTCHA

Price: Free


  • Adds Google reCAPTCHA to forms
  • Protects from spam and abuse

This Magento 2 security extension uses a Google tool that you probably know, reCAPTCHA, to stop spam in a way that’s easy for users. You can also change the look of the reCAPTCHA to match your Magento site’s style. It fits better with your site than other standard bot-protection tools.

11. Paranoid Security by Paranoid

Price: Contact for pricing


  • Full Page Cache Warmer
  • Blocks and bypasses for user agents, IPs and countries
  • Advanced admin session controls

Paranoid Security stands out thanks to the Full Page Cache Warmer. This feature loads your whole site ahead of time, making the user experience smoother. It also checks for and blocks harmful sessions and tells store owners if it sees anything suspicious.

12. Fraud Prevention by Riskified

Price: Custom pricing


  • Fraud prevention analysis
  • Chargeback guarantees

Riskified stands out in the crowded security extensions market with its machine learning-powered fraud prevention analysis feature.

If you are hesitant about committing to Magento 2 security vendors, Riskified eases the process with chargeback guarantees. If you don’t find the service useful, you can get your money back.

13. Cryptapi Payment Gateway

Price: Free


  • Accepts cryptocurrency payments
  • Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum

While most security tools protect against dangers, Cryptapi uses blockchain tech to offer a safe way to pay. It deals with crypto payments and makes sure that addresses are secure and price rates are correct.

14. Security Monitoring and Alert System by Watchlog PRO

Price: $69


  • Real-time security monitoring
  • Customizable alerts for threat detection
  • Tracks unsuccessful login attempts

Watchlog PRO is good at tracking security issues as they happen, giving quick insights into possible threats. It’s valuable because it gives users real-time info, so they can act quickly to lessen risks.

15. Login as Customer by Magefan

Price: $79


  • Allows admin to log in as any customer
  • Troubleshoots customer issues effectively
  • Protects customer confidentiality

Magefan’s Login as Customer extension lets you step into your customers’ shoes. It helps you understand and solve their problems. It balances great customer support with privacy, and it lets you see first-hand any weak spots in your store.

16. FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention by FraudLabs Pro

Price: Free


  • Fraud validation for orders
  • Customizable fraud validation rules
  • Detailed fraud validation insights

FraudLabs Pro focuses on stopping order scams, a key worry in online shopping. You can set your own rules for spotting fraud, which lets your business have a custom plan for stopping scams. It’s like having your own expert on security for your Magento site.

17. Magento Security Audit by Elsner

Price: Contact for pricing


  • Comprehensive security audit
  • Detailed security report

Identification of potential threats and vulnerabilities
Elsner’s Security Audit extension delivers a thorough assessment of a Magento store’s security landscape. After identifying threats and vulnerabilities, it provides a detailed report that business owners can use as a roadmap for strengthening their site security. The audit analyzes registration, checkout, data storage, level of protection from bot attacks, and many other security facets.

18. MageAnts Magento 2 Security Suite

Price: $149


  • Login history tracking
  • Protection against brute force attacks
  • Password strength enforcement

MageAnts Security Suite takes a proactive approach to security, focusing on preventing common attack vectors like brute force. This means enhanced peace of mind for business owners, knowing that their customer data and transactions are protected from these widespread threats.

19. M-Connect Media Security Extension

Price: Contact for pricing


  • Robust firewall protection
  • Secure admin login with OTP
  • Real-time IP tracking and blacklisting

M-Connect Media Security Extension uses a system that keeps track of IP addresses and can blacklist them in real time. This gives store owners a changing, active defense system that adapts to new threats. This is a huge benefit in the world of cybersecurity, which is always changing.

20. Magento 2 Security by Templates Master

Price: Free


  • Prevents content theft
  • Protection against unwanted crawlers
  • IP and user-agent blacklisting

The security extension from Templates Master protects your unique content from being stolen and keeps unwanted web crawlers at bay. This means it helps to protect your original ideas and keep your brand special. This is a benefit that many other security extensions might not consider.

21. Fraud Detection by Kount

Price: Contact for pricing


  • Advanced AI for fraud detection
  • Real-time order analysis
  • Chargeback prevention

Kount’s Fraud Detection tool uses AI technology to spot and stop dishonest actions. This tech-savvy security method can greatly lower the number of chargebacks and other costs, which is really helpful for keeping your business profitable and respected.


Figuring out the right safety add-ons for your Magento 2 store might seem complicated. You need to know about cybersecurity, understand how the platform works, and be able to pick and apply the best safety add-ons.

This is where the skills of certified Magento developers really shine. Why not let a team of Magento safety pros handle your online store’s security?

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