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Shayne McGregor

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My first post on CodeNewbie

This is my first post, and I’m both excited and nervous. This is a community that I’m still pretty new to, I’ve only been programming for websites for about a month.

I’m not sure what I’ll post here yet. The guy I’m learning design from said that even if you aren’t sure of your own writing, the only way to get better is to practice it. That made sense to me, so even while this post will be pretty inconsequential, it’s at the very least a step toward a bigger goal. I guess the thing to do now is to start reading some stuff from other people to get a sense of what I’d be interested in writing about.

Actually what’s weird is that I would kinda like to use this platform to do more than write about programming for websites. I also want to write about design in video games. Maybe I’ll do that. I’ll turn this into a platform where I give my thoughts on design in video games as well as design in what I think is being called 3D websites. I think those are pretty cool.

It’s amazing. I turn thirty years old next year, but I question if I still write any better than I did in high school. That’s not doing me any justice. I was pretty bad in high school, so I’m likely way better now. Just objectively. But I guess I haven’t been getting a lot of practice in since then.

Yeah, I think posting my general thoughts on video games coming out will be where I’ll start.

Thanks for reading

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Thomas Bnt

Well I'm a little bad to write a constructive comment in English but your first post is clear and nice, hello here Gregor ! 👋🏼😊

Have you already used 3D for websites or not?

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Shayne McGregor

Hello! Thank you for the comment. I've visited a few 3D websites. The ones I've seen were all very impressive.